Horse Care

NEW!! Thermotex products. Special, custom made racing equipment.

Thermotex™ Infrared Therapy Systems are a patented range of deep tissue infrared heat pads designed to relieve pain, promote healing and accelerate rehabilitation. Thermotex™ pads can increase hemoglobin 25% to 28%, helps relieve muscle soreness, arthritis pain, and back ache. Thermotex™ provides a safe efficacious infrared heat therapy to the horse, and should be used as often as practical. Also, Thermotex™ helps the horse stretch out, prevents washing out, and tying up.

Thermotex 12 Pad Therapeutic Blanket
12 elements provide full body coverage for effective treatment of severe muscle, joint problems, and early treatment of lung bleeding in horses.

Orig.: $2,300.00
Sale: $2,099.00

Thermotex Leggings
4 elements per leg unit, and the leggings come in pairs. These leggings are a must for quick treatment of soreness of anklets, bows, buck shins, osolets, ring bone, splints, and tendons.

Orig.: $700.00
Sale: $649.00

Thermotex Neck Wrap
2 element neck pad, with 3 adjustable element positions on each side of the neck for custom adjustments. Three pad Velcro system allows for application to the largest of horses.

Orig.: $425.00
Sale: $375.00